What is it?

- A C#/ MXS Tool that allows the user to quickly and easily place Object(s) on other Surfaces with a range of paramaters to add variety or precision.

What it isn't

- This tool is not a plugin, and with that, comes some performance issues depending upon your hardware and version of 3DS Max. When using the Preview Mode, Objects are added/removed in Realtime, which works very fast with a good GPU and Max 2012, but can be slow on older hardware/ Max 2010 for example.

Feature List:

- Use a Single Object to Place, or a list of Object(s), and place on a single surface or many surfaces in realtime.

- Adjust Offset/Rotation and Scale Values globally, and/or apply random paramaters per object via additional options.

- Aligns Object(s) to Normals, Array along Edges, Change Positions along Edges or inside Faces and more..

- Use a Bitmap or Vertex Colors with a Falloff/Density/Collision Check, to place objects more precisely / in another way.

- Works with Max 2010-2012 32/64bit (Seperate Downloads for 32 and 64bit)


Here is a Video using a slightly older build of the tool, showing how it works.


(Trees/Rocks/Plants below were Created in roughly 3-5 min. in 3DS Max 2012)

Download Here