What is it?

- A C#/ MXS Tool that quickly scans and loads in valid bitmaps associated with the currently selected object(s) materials.

What it isn't

- This tool is NOT intended/made for fixing missing paths, or browsing through folders on your hard drive. There are other tools out there that do that, but I have not seen/come across a tool that does what this tool does.

Did you make this all yourself?

- I came up with the idea, as far as I know. Like I said, I haven't seen this before, for 3DS Max anyways. I created this other version a long time ago, but it was limited to 1 object at a time, and it wasn't nearly as clean as this version, or as fast/efficient/feature heavy. I started with a base C# project I found here, and heavily modified/added to it, to get what I have now.


Feature List:

- Utilizes the FreeImage Library. Supports filetypes (JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TGA, DDS, PSD, RAW, HDR and more..)

- Supports Standard/Multi-Sub Materials, along with Direct X, 3 Point Shader, Raytrace, Architectural and more..

- TreeView and (Asynchronously Loading) Thumbnail Display. Easily See/Access Node/Material and Bitmap options.

- Instanced Bitmap Loading (Star Icon in the Top Right). Loads the same pathed bitmap once, to save memory and loading time.

- Filter Thumbnail Options (Filter by Text, Image Size, File Size, Average Bitmap Color ect)

- Thumbnail Right-Click Options (View Bitmap (in Max), Open in Windows Explorer, Open in Photoshop, Resize, Create a Copy, Print Path to Listener, View Material and Select Node)

- Search TreeView /Selects items containing the entered text.

- Works with Max 2010-2012 32/64bit (Seperate Downloads for 32 and 64bit)


Download Here