3DS Max Scripts

turboTools v.1.3.7

  • **Last Update: 12/05/10**



New to v.1.3.7

-turboTools Icon (Video)- After placing the icon onto the toolbar, clicking the button will open/close the toolbar, while loading/saving the current window position, and height.

- Dock/Undock (Video) - Lets you Dock the toolbar to the Left/Right sides of the viewport, and then Undock again to a floating toolbar.

Model -

- Convert to EditablePoly (Video) -  Lets you convert your object(s) to editable_polys. Preserves Instances and the modifier stack if they exist.

- Attach to EPoly (Video) - Attaches the selected meshes into one Editable_Poly Mesh.

- Quick Edit (Video) - Allows you to Quickly go into Edit Mode on the select Object, even when modifiers are present.

- Average Object Align (Video) - Aligns the selected object to the average positions of x amount of other objects.

- Save/Load Selection - Saves/Loads the current/last selection made, similar to selection sets, except it's temporary, but alot faster to use.

- Display Object Info (Video) - Launches the tool to display Object Info./Display the Object Info Bitmaps tool. (Video)

- Merge Geometry Preview (Video) - Catalogs/Loads thumbnails based on user input, for each Mesh in a chosen max file. The thumbs can then be used to Merge in, Zoom/Isolate, or Delete the chosen object(s).

- Secondary Isolation - Allows you to isolate objects like the standard max tool, but you can use it along with the max one as well, to further isolate a mesh thats already isolated. A dream within a dream... :)

- Quick Notes - A notepad type dialog that can be opened/closed to jot down ideas or copy and paste values quickly and easily. Text and dialog size is saved on close, and recalled when opened once again.

- Element to Object (Video)- Breaks Editable_Poly elements into seperate objects. Then names them according to the source object incremented 01 ,02 , ect, then centers their pivots.

- Poke Face (Video) - Takes the selected faces of an Editable_Poly object, and creates a vert at the center of the face, with edges connecting to the outer verts of that face.

- Unify Normals (Video) - Flips all faces on the mesh so they point outwards (non-inverted).

- Silhouette Viewer - Toggles On/Off a silhouette View in the viewport.

- Take Screen Shot (Video) - Launches the screenshot tool, that allows for quick screenshotting of 3DS Max objects/menus, ect.

- Mass Viewport Grab - Similar to the Screenshot tool, except it grabs the 4 views and saves them out to the determined folder. (This tool still isn't working as good as I would like. )

- Select Intersecting Faces - (Video) - Tries to select the intersecting/non-visible faces of the selected Mesh.

- Mesh Face to UV Shell (Video) - Takes the selected face of an Editable_Poly object, and finds the UVW Shell it is connected to and grows the selection to fit that.

- Toggle Modifiers On Sel (Video) - Toggles On/Off all modifiers for each object(s) selected.

- Make Instance Of (Video) - Takes the selected objects, and makes them instanced based off of the next object u click.

- Object Soft Selection(Video)Creates a semi-transparent sphere around the object selected.  As you hold the left mouse button and move the mouse sideways, the radius increases. Anything that is encompassed by the sphere after the button is let go is selected.

- Transform Selection (Video)- Temporarily adds selection to a group on button press for movement/rotate/scale, then on button depress, un-groups them.

- Smart Collapse Stack (Video)Collapses the object(s) stack and modifiers to Editable_Poly / Editable_Mesh while retaining Instances. If object(s) was/were a primitive, it collapses to an Editable_Poly. - Right Click Menu - Collapse Stack ( Collapses the stacks of the selection as Normal.)

- Smart Reset Xforms (Video)Only works on 1 object at a time.  Resets the objects xforms like normal, but keeps track of the objects local pivot pos, and rotation. - Right Click Menu - Reset Xforms ( Resets Xforms on multiple objects, the normal way.) Flip Mesh Faces - Flips the faces of the mesh when checked, to fix Xforms inverted faces.

- Smart Symmetry (Video)- Takes the currently selected Vert/Edge/Face/Element and applies a Symmetry according to that. - Right Click Menu - Symmetry (Applies a Symmetry, the normal way.)

- Center Pivot (Video)- Sets the pivot to the object(s) center in a selection.

- Center Pivot to Bottom (Video)-  Sets the pivot to the object(s) bottom for the selection. Need to fix : (If the object is rotated in anyway, the point doesn’t get accurately set.)

- Work in 0,0,0 (Video) -  Opens a small floating window with a button.  On button click, moves the selected object(s) temporarily to 0,0,0.  If more than 1 object is selected, the groups average x,z pos is centered to 0,0 and the zposition is the groups lowest point.

- Use WP/Set WP (Video)Use WP toggles On/Off Use Working Pivot.  Set working pivot lets u select a vert/edge/face/element on an Editable_Poly, and once set WP is clicked, will set the working pivots position to that selections center, and set the pivots rotation to the objects pivot. (If a face is selected, it uses the faces normal for the pivot rotation). Will also work on general Objects, but put the pivot at the objects center.

- Set Pivot Point (Video)  - Will set the pivot point to a vert/edge/face/element the same way as the working pivot, except it’s setting the actual pivot.

- Add TurboSmooth (Video)Adds a tubosmooth modifier to the top of the stack on any selected object(s) (Mesh Objects)

-Add Turbo w/ Settings (Video)- Adds a turbosmooth modifier, with the specified settings entered/chosen in the Selected turbo Settings Rollout, to the top of the stack of the selected object(s).

- Remove TurboSmoothing (Video)Removes a  turbosmooth modifier from the top of the stack for the selected object(s).

- Selected TurboSmoothing (Video)Toggles all turboSmooth modifiers On/Off for the selection.

- Scene TurboSmoothing (Video)Toggles all turboSmooth modifiers On/Off in the scene.

- Toggle Isoline Display (Video)-Toggles On/Off Isoline Display for the selected objects that have TurobSmoothing.

















UV -

- UV Seam Display/Sub-Object Chooser (Video) - Works in conjuction with my UV tools, or without them. Setup your Seams display or Sub-Object levels or both, and when using my UV tools, those settings will be applied everytime when the UV window is opened. Or change settings as the UV window is opened, instead of using the standard max controls. Hold CTRL + click the buttons to now convert the selection.

- Find and Edit UVW (Video) - Opens the modify panel if it's not open, and finds the UVW Unwrap modifier closest to the top, and goes into Edit Mode.

- Add UVW and Edit (Video) - Takes the selected object(s), and applies an UVW Unwrap Modifier, and opens them up in Edit Mode.

- UVW Face to UVW Shell (Video) - Takes the currently selected Face when in UVW Edit Mode, and finds the UVW Shell it's connected to, and grows the selection to fit that.

- Smooth by UVW Shell (Video) - A very slightly modified script, made by Renderhjs, that takes the selected mesh, and smooths the Faces Smoothing Groups according the UV Shells.

- UV Vert to Mesh Vert - Converts a UV Vert Selection into a Mesh Vert Selection.

- UV Randomizer - Opens the UV Randomizer tool. Randomizes UV's for the selected object(s), based on the parameters chosen.

- Wasted UV Space - Opens the Wasted UV Space tool. Displays thumbnails of the current UV channel layout, alongside a thumbnail showing the wasted pixels, in addition to a percentage output.

- Isolate UV Selection (Video) - Isolates the selection in the UV window. If nothing is selected and the button is pressed, all UVs are shown again.

- Isolate Mesh Faces - Isolates the Mesh Faces corresponding to the UV Face selection. If mesh faces are currently isolated, selecting 0 faces and running the tool will unhide all mesh faces again.

- Quick Relax - Relaxes the UV selection by Face Angles.

-Quick Planar - Planar maps the selected faces based on view angle, then applies a relax by face angles, and packs the selection to the 0,1 space.

- UV Offset (Video) - Offsets the UV selection by the value input into the spinner area.

- UV Offset (Symmetry) (Video) - Offsets the UVs based on the new faces created by the current Symmetry Modifiers that are applied.



Note: Compatible with Versions: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 (all 32/64 bit)

**New MZP Install/Un-Install - (Drag/Drop .mzp into viewport to install/Un-install)

Download turboTools v.1.3.7



(Always Read the Install Instructions before each new version Install)


-Please contact me if you find any weird bugs, or would like me to

implement something else.


**Version History**

Version 1.3.7 - 12/05/10


  • - Added the UV Randomizer Tool.

  • - Added the Wasted UV Space Tool.

  • - Re-wrote the Object Bitmap Collector tool so that is MUCH more efficient than before. It also works properly now with DX Materials. Also fixed some other issues.

    • **FIXED**

    • - Fixed/Changed the UV Verts to Mesh Verts so that it now works on Single AND Multi Objects

    Version 1.3.6 - 10/31/10


    - Created the Merge Geometry Preview Tool

    - Created the UV Vert to Mesh Vert Selection Tool

    • **FIXED**

    • - Found a better way to load Macros, so they were all moved into 1 file, and the others were removed.

    • - Fixed the Set WP tool, so that it doesn't crash/give an error if nothing is selected when in a Sub-Object Level.

      - Fixed the issues with Multiple Object Unwraps not working properly with my tools. Mainly where if u try to run a tool on an object, it would only work on the 1st object and not the others.

    • - Fixed some minor issues with the Object Bitmaps Collector tool

    Version 1.3.5 - 9/19/10


    - Added the Display Obj Info tool. Displays Object Names, and info with multiple cutomizable features.

    - Added the Object Bitmap Collector. Displays thumbs of bitmaps it can find in standard and multisub materials.

    - Updated Object Soft Selection to use GW Drawing commands to display instructions on how to use the tool.

    • **FIXED**

    • -Nothing Fixed

    Version 1.3.4 - 9/5/10


    -Added a Secondary Isolation tool, so you can isolate further from the standard Isolation mode if need be.

    - Changed the way Quick Notes opens. Now opens the note centered around the mouse.

    • **FIXED**

    • -Fixed/Changed the Silhouette viewer, using James Haywoods method, so now it will work properly all the time. :)

    Version 1.3.3 - 6/29/10


    -Added the Save/Load last selection buttons. Works similar to selection sets, except alot faster and without creating/deleting sets.

    • -Added the Mass Screen Grab tool. It allows the user to grab all 4 views in seperate files and open them in Photoshop in 1 click after the paths are defined.

    • -Added the Open in Photoshop Option for the Screen Shot tool

    • -Added Quick Notes , a note taking tool.

    • **FIXED**

    • -Fixed a small bug with the Take Screen Shot tool, where if you chose a folder and canceled, so the path said undefined, it would cause an error on reloading of the tool.

    Version 1.3.2 - 6/05/10
    • - Added the Screen Shot tool. Still needs a little spit shine..

    • **FIXED**

    • - Fixed the resizing issue with the toolbar, so now it will update the size properly on resize, and also update like usual on load.

    • - Fixed up the Toggle Mods on Selection again, so now it will work with instances in a selection properly (finally).

    • - Fixed up Add Turbosmooth to work better with instances... but still isn't perfect...

    • - Fixed up Add Turbo w/ settings to work better with instances, but still isn't perfect..

    • - Fixed up Selected TurboSmoothing somewhat for instances, but it's still not perfect..

    • - Fixed the Sub-Object Chooser buttons/Select Element Checkbox, so that they now update as the Sub-Object Level is changed via keyboard or Unwrap UVW Window.

    Version 1.3.1 - 5/22/10
    • - Changed the Isolate Mesh faces Checkbox into a button, to seperate it from thenormal Isolate UVs. So now you can do both independantly without getting un-expected results.

    • - Added the ability to hold Ctrl + Click on the UV Sub-Object Buttons, to convert the selection to that level.

    • - Added a Silhouette Viewer tool.

    • **FIXED**

    • - No fixes this build
    Version 1.3.0 - 5/16/10
    • - Added the tool, Average Object Align. Aligns an object to the average positions of x amount of other objects.

    • **FIXED**

    • - Fixed up the Toggle Mods on selection to work with instances better, and now will toggle mods that were Off to On, and vice versa. Not just On/Off if they were originally turned on.

    Version 1.2.9 - 5/8/10
    • - Added Tickbox for Xforms, so now you can choose to flip Faces after the Xform is done if you want.

    • - Added isoline and explicit normals checkboxes to the turboSmooth Settings section.

    • - Added the Unify Normals button and function to the toolbar.

    • - Added the Isolate Mesh Faces checkbox to the UV menu. Isolates Mesh Faces corresponding to the UV Face Selection when running Isolate UV Selection.

    • - Made it so the toolbar can be seen completely (Height now adjusts/saves), if your monitor permits it.

    • - Made some other very small code fixes/tweaks.

    • **FIXED**

    • - Fixed Attach to EPoly to work with Shape Objects and not de-select them or stop working.

    • - Fixed up the Docking feature so that it allows for the toolbar to be as tall as possible.

    Version 1.2.8 - 4/23/10
    • - Changed the way Element to Object Works. Now Seperates Elements without having to select any faces or elements.

    • - Changed the smart and normal Xforms to flip the objects Faces automatically, since you end up usually having to do this..

    • - Added UV Offset, and UV Symmetry Offset buttons/functions.

    • **FIXED**

    • - Fixed up some issues with Un-installing , so now it should un-install everything properly.

    Version 1.2.7 - 4/18/10
    • - Moved all the files/switched the functions to work out of the UserScripts folder, to stop access denied stuff for Windows Vista/7

    • - Added the Select Intersecting Faces tool. .

    • **FIXED**

    • - Nothing needed to be fixed this time... at least that I know of.

    Version 1.2.6 - 4/10/10
    • - Made the toolbar Install/Un-Install Via MZP. A huge thank you to Renderhjs, as I used his setup and modified it to work with my toolbar.

    • - Added Isolate UV Selection -- Isolates faces selected in the UV Unwrap Window.If nothing is selected, all UVs are shown again.

    • - Added some clearListener() functions to keep the listener clean and happy.

    • - Added UV Seam Display box with checkboxes/radio buttons to pre-set your choice before using the Edit/Add & Edit UV tools. They will also toggle the settings when in UV Edit mode.

    • - Added the Quick Planar button for the UV tools.

    • - Added Undo for some of my tools that needed it, or could use it.

    • - Added the Sub-Object Level Selection Chooser to the UV tab. Will set/store your selection level, and recall it when using my other UV tools.

    • **FIXED**

    • - Fixed up most all scripts to works more efficiently with the selected object(s).

    • - Fixed UV tools to keep the selection when instanced, and not switch the selection to another object.

    • - Fixed Mesh Face to UV Shell to keep the selection on instances, and not switch to another object.

    • - Fixed up Set Pivot Point to be smarter, and possibly faster.

    • - Fixed up some issues with multi-object unwrap/instance issues.

    • - Fixed up Quick Edit to work with instances, so the selection doesn't shift.

    • - Fixed rollover State colors on the Toggle Buttons so they change colors properly when enabled/disabled.

    • - Fixed Undock button to not disable when switching tabs.

    • - Fixed Set WP to work when an modifier is above the baseObject (Editable Poly) and is turned on while in Sub Object edit mode.

    • - Fixed bug with Add TurboSmooth/Add Turbo W/Settins, where if u added it to a new mesh, and did undo, it would delete the mesh.

    • - Fixed Convert to EPoly to work on Shape Objects (Splines, ect).

    Version 1.2.5 - 4/04/10
    • - Re-Created the Toolbar as a DialogBar, and changed the UI flow to make it easier to find/recognize tools.

    • - Made it so that when you close the dialog bar with the X, it will save the pos and size of the toolbar.

    • - Renamed/Changed the Symmetry to Face, to Smart Symmetry. Now works like the set Pivot tool, but for the Symmetry Modifier position.

    • - Added Button/Function/Macro Quick Edit. Lets the user quickly go into SubObject Edit Mode even if modifiers are present.

    • - Added the Button Attach to EPoly. Takes the current Mesh Selection, and attaches them all into One Editable Mesh Object.

    • - Added the RightClick Button Symmetry for Smart Symmetry. Does a normal Symmetry on the object selected.

    • - Added the UV Tool, Smooth by UV Shell. Thanks to Renderhjs for this. It takes the mesh, and smooths it based on the UV Shell splits.

    • **FIXED**

    • - Fixed Work in 0,0,0 to not bug out if u select an object, open the 0,0,0 tool, then deselect and try to move.

    • - Fixed Work in 0,0,0 so that if u open the menu and close it without doing anything after opening the toolbar for the 1st time, it won't cause an error.

    • - Fixed Work in 0,0,0 so that if u delete an object after moving it to 0,0,0, it won't crash.

    • - Fixed Work in 0,0,0 to properly work with Parents/Children, and groups.

    • - Fixed Poke Face to not break if nothing is selectd, or if you are using something other than an Editable_Poly Object.

    • - Fixed up ALOT of stuff with all the UV Tools from 1.2.4. They're still not perfect... but are getting alot closer... I still need to fix an issue with not selecting the proper instanced object.

    • - Fixed the Set WP to detect if the current Selection in the Mod stack is an EPoly or not, so it will now work properly. (Before if there were Modifiers, it wouldn't update to your SO Seleciton).

    • - Fixed up Element to Object to automate things a little more... but it still won't work with more than 1 face selected per Element.... sorry..

    Version 1.2.4 - 3/28/10
    • -Added to the Use WP tool, so now you can set the WP to an object without being in a subObject Level. (Sets the pivot to the objects Local Center.)

    • -Added a new tool, Symmetry to Face. Creates a Symmetry Modifier on the selected object , aligned to the selected Face.

    • -Added the Dock/Undock Section, with the ability to Dock the toolbar to the left and right sides of Max, and Undock again.

    • -Added the tools UVW Shell As Sel, and UVW Face to UVW Shell.

    • -Added the Add UVW & Edit Tool.

    • - Added RightClick UVW Edit to the Add UVW & Edit Button.

    • -Adjusted the Width of the Rollout Window to be smaller.

    • -Added to the Work in 0,0,0 Tool. Now has Switch & Iso Button. Moves to 0,0,0, then isolates the selection, and zoom extents all on them. Will do the opposite on button un-click.

    • -Removed more Un-neccesary code.

    • **FIXED**

    • -Fixed up the Work in 0,0,0 to prevent object movement, so it doesn't break their original positions.

    Version 1.2.3 - 3/23/10

    -Made most all Buttons (that would still work) into MacroScripts.

    • -Moved all Macros to Scripts\TurboTools folder.

    • -Added a startup File to load in all .MCR Files and .MS files so custom macros work without the toolbar being open.

    • -Added a new Save_Load_Settings.ms and Function to keep track of more info about the toolbar/rollouts to make it more user customizable. (Position, Size, Rollout States)

    • -Added in Toggle Isoline as a button under TurboSmooth Options. Toggles Isoline display on the selected objects with TurboSmooths.

    • -Renamed the Collapse Stack to Smart Collapse Stack , and renamed the rightclick one to Collapse Stack (Normal).

    • **FIXED**

    • -Fixed Smart Collapse Stack so that it will convert Primitives Meshes now too, and retain Instances Properly.

    • -Fixed Smart Reset Xforms to work on Editable_Meshes and Primitives.

    • -Fixed Normal Reset Xforms to work with Editable_Meshes and Primitives.

    • -Fixed a bug with Coonvert to EditablePoly not keeping Instances when a Modifier wasn't present.

    • -Fixed the Element to Object Script, so that now it selects all the new objects, and centers their pivots.

    Version 1.2.2 - 3/20/10
    • -Updated Set WP so that it takes the faces Normal Vector into account, so the WP rotation is aligned with the face Normal.

      -Removed more un-neccessary code

    • -Added Element to Object button/functions

    • -Made adding new buttons easier to do (placement/window scale)

    • -Added center Pivot, and fixed up the pivot to bottom script somewhat.

    • -Added the Transform Selection button for multiple object translations.

    -Added Normal Xforms Reset on Smart Xforms Right Click. (Works on Multiple Objects.)

    Version 1.2.1 - 3/19/10
  • - Removed half of the selected turboSmooth settings buttons, because it made it overly complicated.

  • Version 1.2 - 3/18/10

    -Cleaned up more code

    • -Fixed up Object Soft Selection to use materials instead of anim visibility to hopefully fix a bug, and also made sphere easier to see when using the tool.

    • -Also setup Selected TurboSmooth toggle, and setup the Add Turbo with Settings Buttons/Spinners/Functions.