turboTools v.2.8

  • **Last Update: 10/27/12**

  Model/Misc Scripts

Converts a selection of geometry into EditlePoly Meshes,while preserving instances.


Attaches multiple meshes into a single EditablePoly Mesh.


Goes past modifiers, into Vertex SubObject Mode on the selected mesh.


Opens the Average Object Align tool. Used to align an object to the avg. pos. of other objects.


Creates a kind of Temporary Selection Set, to be loaded for later.


Loads the selection that was Saved with the Save Selection button.


Opens the Object Info Tool. Shows Objects Vert/Tri Counts, as well as UV Channels, ect.


Enables the Secondary Isolation function. It allows for 2 layers deep of Inception, I mean Isolation.


Breaks all the elements of an object into seperate objects, with pivots centered and names incremented.


Expands the face selection of the mesh, to match it's UV Shell counterpart.


Collapses the stack for the selected objects, and preserves instances if possible.


Resets Xforms for the selected objects (multiple Xforms Modifiers) and collapses to an EditablePoly.


Centers the pivots for the selected objects.


Centers the pivots for the selected objects to their bottom/lowest point.


Sets the Pivot Point of the Object to the selected Vert/Edge Center/Face Center.


Opens the Object Bitmap Collector tool. Displays an objects materials Bitmaps, with rightclick options/info.


Opens the Stitch Verts tool. Stitches(Moves/Welds if chosen) selected verts, to nearby/chosen verts.


Opens the Super Glue tool. Moves Vert/Edge Selections to the nearest mesh via chosen options.


Opens the Mirror Element Tool. Mirrors the selected Elements via the chosen Axis.


Opens the Quick Notes notepad. Loads/Saves your notes on Open/Close for the current Max Session.


- Selects Face(s) based on their Normal(s). Takes the selected faces, and finds ones that match after pressing the button.


Opens the Bitmap Usage UI. Easily see what Objects are using what Bitmaps and select them.


Opens the Object Placer UI. Place Objects via Verts/Edges/Faces/Evenly On Surface or using Bitmap/Vert Colors.


Opens the Toolbox UI. View "tools" created, or create new ones to drag/drop into the scene quickly and easily.


Starts the Bounds Pivot Placer tool. Place an Objects Pivot via its Bounds Box Corners/Edges/Face Centers.


*New Opens the Shrink Wrap UI. Quickly and Easily Conform Geometry/Splines to other Geometry. View Video

  UV Scripts

Finds the UV Unwrap Modifier closest to the top of the stack, and goes into Edit on the selected object(s).


Adds an UV Unwrap Modifer to the top of the stack, and goes into Edit on the selected object(s).


Expands a UV Face selection, to it's Shell counterpart.


Smooths a mesh based on it's UV Shells. (Breaks smoothing groups per shell)


Converts a UV Vert Selection to a Mesh Vert Selection.


Opens the UV Randomizer tool. Randomizes UV Shells/Selections based on input settings.


Isolate a UV selection from the rest, if nothing is selected, show all UVs again.


Isolate mesh faces based on a UV selection. If nothing is selected, show all mesh faces again.


Note: Compatible with Versions: 2010 - 2013 (all 32/64 bit)

(Drag/Drop .mzp into viewport to install/Un-install or MaxScript - > Run Script)

Download turboTools v.2.8

turboTools_V2_32Bit.zip (Max 2010 -2011 32 Bit)

turboTools_V2_64Bit.zip (Max 2010 -2011 64 Bit)

turboTools_V2_Max2012_32Bit.zip (Max 2012 - 2013 32 Bit)

turboTools_V2_Max2012_64Bit.zip (Max 2012 - 2013 64 Bit)

(Always Read the Install Instructions before each new version Install)


-Please contact me if you find any weird bugs, or would like me to

implement something else.

**Version History**

(Old Version)

Version 2.8 - 10/27/12


    - Fixed issues with Installer not copying over icons properly, causing the Toolbar to not load.

    - Fixed issues with the Toolbox tool, so now it works with Max 2013, as well as having other imrpovements and backwards capability.

    - Fixed up some issues with the ShrinkWrap tool, and added a Border Constraint option.

Version 2.7 - 01/30/12

    - Removed Non-Randomization that occurs in the Even Distrubute tool in Object Placer.

    - Created a Shrink Wrap UI/Tool. Shrink Wraps Geo/Splines to a Source Mesh.


    - Fixed up the Save/Load Selection script, so now it's MUCH faster than before.

    - Fixed some issues with the ToolBox Tool, where it wouldnt Load Libraries Properly. Also added Create new Library Option and set Default Directory Option.

Version 2.6 -12/30/11

    - Added Align to Edge Direction, Align to Face Direction, Place Object on Surace and Place Object Using Bounds to the Object Placer.

    - Added Bounds Pivot Placer tool. Place the Pivot of the Node under the Mouse, According to the Bounds Box and Mouse Position.

    - Added Place using Bitmap/Vertex Colors option to Object Placer tool.

    - Added ability to use Object list/options when placing using Place Object on Surface Option.

    - Changed how Object Glue works in SuperGlue, causing the script to use less memory and process faster than before.

    - Found new ways to speed up Object Placer in Max Versions < 2012. Now should be at least 2-3x faster overall.


    - Fixed Pivot to Bottom so now it should work as expected when the node is rotated, as well as in a group.

Version 2.5 -11/10/11

    - Added Select Childern Option under Material Node in Object Bitmap Collect. Now you can easily select/isolate thumbs per Object/Material.

    - Created the Object Placer tool. Places Objects on other surfaces with randomization parameters.

    - Created the Toolbox tool. Add/Remove Tools to the Toolbox UI to be used later.


    - Fixed issues with MZP Installer / Uninstaller.

    - Fixed Issues with Super Glue Normal + / - Option. Now it works as expected, allowing you to "shrink Wrap" Geometry to other geo.

Version 2.4 -10/24/11

    -Added Xref Object Material Support to Object Bitmap Collector

    -Added the Bitmap Usage tool. See all bitmaps in the scene, and then quickly and easily see what objects/materis are using a certain bitmap or bitmaps

    -Added a Padding option to the Object Glue in Super Glue. Now you can set padding to objects after being glued, to offset them from the surface.

    -Set Tif image format to show TGA Icon instead of JPEG in the Object Bitmap Collector


    -Fixed error showing sometimes, when trying to view a material via the treeview rightclick for the Object Bitmap Collector.

    -Fixed issue with Secondary Isolation where it zooms to the whole scene instead ofthe selection on entering the mode.

    -Fixed issue with HDR maps crashing max when using the Object Bitmap Collector.

    -Fixed pathing issues with Object Bitmap Collector, so now it should properly find bitmaps in use.

Version 2.3 -09/17/11

-Added BMP Icon for BMP Images for the Object Bitmap Collector

-Added a Tiling Texture Preview option/window to the Object Bitmap Collector RC Menu.

-Added Group Support to the SuperGlue Object Glue Script. Now Groups can be glued down.

-Added Group/Dummy/Shape support to the Center Pivot to Bottom Script.

  • **FIXED**

    -Fixed the Secondary Isolation, so it doesnt clear the selection on exit, and also keeps the last camera setup before isolating.

    -Fixed issue when loading certain filenames/folders in the Bitmap Colllector.

    -Fixed issue with Bitmap Collector not finding bitmaps properly if the paths were relative.

Version 2.2 -08/08/11

-Added the Functionality to the SuperGlue and Stitch Tools to only use objects visible in the camera frustum.

-Added Exclude Options to Glue and Stitch tools. So now the selections wont check aginast each other.

-Completely re-wrote the Bitmap Collector tool. Now supports Multiple Objects, is faster, and much more.

  • **FIXED**

  • -Nothing to fix

Version 2.1 -05/22/11

- Added RightClick on the Yellow Arrow (Additional Tools) to Check for Update.

-Added a Glue Objects script, and combined it with the suboject tool, which is now called Super Glue.

-Added the option for the Stitch Verts tools, to use all visible verts in the scene, excluding the selected object, to make stitching faster for certain tasks.

-Added the new Select Face(s) Via Normal(s) Script.

-Improved the Attach Script so its 100+ times faster. (Uses some code from SoulBurn)

-Improved the Sub-Object Glue tool. Now works 10-100x faster, and will use all verts in the mesh if not in subobject level when glued.

  • **FIXED**

  • -Fixed bugs with removing a button via rightclick

Version 2.0 -03/23/11

- Re-wrote the Object Bitmap Collector tool so that is MUCH more efficient than before. It also works properly now with DX Materials. Also fixed some other issues.

  • **FIXED**

  • - Nothing