What is it?

- A C# Windows Application (32/64bit), that monitors the clipboard and holds onto a "Buffer" of the Text/Files/Images and more, to be grabbed whenever.

Did you make this all yourself?

- I came up with the idea a while back, but I cannot take credit for the entire application. I got the base application from here. I removed a chunk of his code however, and added alot to it. His code supported files/images, but it was only setup to work with text, and it only allowed for 1 chunk of text to be copied at once. I allowed for more text to be accessed/copied, images, URL detection, rightclick menus, tooltips, Vimeo/Youtube detection, and I created my own Image Viewer that mimics the Windows ImagePreview.


Feature List:

- Copy Text/Files/Folders/Bitmaps to be recovered later, while the program is running.

- Set a Text length and Buffer Size, to easily Manage/View/Interact with your copied links/text/images and more.

- View non-Windows supported Bitmaps in the custom Image Viewer ( PSD, TGA, DDS, RAW, HDR, and more..)

- Copy using Ctrl+C , like normal, or Drag/Drop your data into the program to be stored for later.

- Utilizes the FreeImage Library. Supports filetypes (JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TGA, DDS, PSD, RAW, HDR and more..)



-An Error may occur when opening a video link in the Image Preview.
If so, make sure you install the latest Flash Player for Internet Exploer.


Download Clipboard_Manager

Version 1.0.0 -08/19/11

- Created v1.0 of the tool.

  • **FIXED**
  • - Nothing