bitmapResourcer v.1.2

  • **Last Update: 04/29/12**



What is it?

- A WPF Application used to aggregate(bring together) many media elements into 1 view, and work with those files to make production/organization faster and easier.

What it isn't

- This is not an image/file editor. This program is made to view media types quickly and easily and allow some file I/O between Windows/Photoshop/ and some other applications.

Feature List:

- Uses the FreeImage Library to support as many imageTypes as possible, without multiple libraries/plugins.

- Automatic Caching of images. This ensures low memory usage, and fast load times. The cache is always up to date, and requires no user input. The cache images are also small in filesize. A thousand images may only end up being 75-100MB of hard drive usage.

- Play Audio and Video files! Watch a full movie, with volume and timeslider options. Or listen to that favorite song without opening your audio application.

- Supports a wide range of Media/Image Types (*.cr2,*.jpg,*.jpeg,*.gif,*.dng,*.png,*.bmp,*.ico,*.tif,*.tiff,*.tga,*.psd,*.dds,*.hdr,*.wmv,*.avi,*.mov,*.mkv,*.mp4,*.mp3,*.m4a and more!!)

- Use ImageSets to "group" media from any location into 1 view. Add/Remove/Rename/Organize ImageSets to your liking.

- Use a range of Filter Types (Name,Type,Size,Filesize,Date,Custom Tag) to quickly and easily find what you're looking for.

- Create custom Tags for your media, to organize/find files faster than before. Select a group of files, tag them as "Vegetation" and quickly find them later, no matter where they are located or what their filename/type is. Tags can be whatever you want them to be, even something like 2009_Trips\Vegas!

- See what you want. Only load certain filetypes to minimize clutter and get to what you need fast.

Here is a Video using a slightly older build of the tool, showing how it works.


Hot Keys/Shortcuts:

- Ctrl + Scroll Wheel to Resize/Scale Thumbs.

- Z + MouseOver Thumb/Alpha Icon to see Enlarged Preview.

- C + LeftMouseDown / Drag Thumbs into an ImageSet to Add them.

- Enter Key while in ImageSet TextBox to Add an ImageSet, or Enter on a selected ImageSet to Load it.

- DoubleClick ImageSet Layer to Load or RightClick.

- Up/Down Arrows to navigate ImageSet Layers.


Known Issues: (04/21/12)

- You cannot currently Cancel loading images once you start. (Might not be able to fix this...)

- PSD files sometimes cannot be read, while their Alpha can. (Need to fix)

- While playing multiple Audio/Video files at the same time, you might need to click Play/Pause twice for it to work.


Download bitmapResourcer v.1.2 (32 Bit)

(64Bit was removed, since there was really no reason to have it for now)


Version 1.2 - 04/29/12

    - Allow up to 384 sized thumbnails now. Mainly did this for larger video viewing, and higher quality thumbs/zoomed thumbs.


    - Fixed bug when C + Dragging a thumb to an ImageSet, where the image wouldn't drop. This only happened if the image wasn't selected first. Now the image is auto-selected on drag.

    - Changed how I was doing some GarbageCollecting/Image Cleanup, so now caching/loading might be a tad faster.

    - Fixed up zooming/enlarging of images, using Z. Now they appear better placed/formatted.

Version 1.1 - 04/22/12

    - Ctrl + Scroll Wheel now allows you to Zoom/Resize Thumbnails.

    - Left Mouse + Z moving over thumbnails now allows you to see an Enlarged View of the thumbnail.

    - Left Mouse Drag + C now lets you Drag/Drop Thumbs into ImageSets to add them.

    - Enter key inside of the ImageSet Textbox now allows you to create a new set.

    - UP/Down Arrows now let you navigate the ImageSet List (while a Textbox doesn't have focus).

    - Enter Key or DoubleClicking a selected ImageSet now loads it.



    - Fixed major bug with Ram usage getting out of control on initially creating the cache files. Now Ram usage is MUCH lower/cleans up properly. :)

    - Fixed error/issue when trying to Delete Multiple Files/Cache Images via Menu Option.

    - HDR Images now load in properly, and aren't noisy/scaled wrong.

Version 1.0 - 04/21/12

    - Created Bitmap Resourcer