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  • - High Poly Modeling
  • - Mudbox Sculpting
  • - Low Poly Modeling
  • - UV Unwrapping
  • - Texturing
  • - Physics/Collision Setup
  • - Max Scripting
  • - C# Experience
  • - Mechanical Animation
  • - Experience with Halo Engine, CryEngine 2, Unreal Engines 2 & 3, GTA 3, Vice City, and GTA IV Engines (PC),  Torque 2D, Torque 3D, and the Source Engine (Half-Life 2).
  • - 3DS Max (7 - 2012)
  • - Photoshop (CS3-CS5)
  • - Mudbox (2009-2011)
  • - Zbrush (base knowledge)
  • - Maya (base knowledge)
  • - Crazy Bump
  • - MeshLab
  • - Source Depot
  • - Microsoft Raid (Bug Software)
  • - Product Studio (Bug Software)
  • - Team Foundation Server
  Bachelor of Science, Game Design and Development          
  • Brown College – Brooklyn Center, MN
  • June 2005 - June 2008
Shipped Titles  

Forza Motorsport 4 – 3D Artist 2 (Turn10/Microsoft)                          

          Track Artist               October 2010 – August 2011

Work includes:

  • -Work with track leads, and other contract artists to produce the tracks that players will race on.

  • -Check GPS Data/Reference Images/Video Data for accuracy in terrain/roads/buildings,ect.

  • -Creating objects/buildings/trees/signage, or anything else that will be seen in the track while racing. This includes creating UVs,Textures and Shader setup.

  • -Optimizing shaders/textures/geometry to reach a consistent 60 frames per second, throughout the entire track.

  • -I have also created custom scripts/tools to help aid myself and others during production to make tasks more automated or easier using Maxscript/DotNet.


Halo: Reach – 3D Contract Artist (Bungie)                                                         

         Prop Modeler / Environment Artist                 June 2009 – June 2010

- Communicated with the art director and associate producer, along with level artists, designers, and props artists to make sure the task at hand was done on-time and as efficient as possible.

- Created objects for in-game/cinematic sequences from concepts, grey-box models, or general ideas.

- Created objects using 3DS Max/Mudbox along with Photoshop to produce High/Low Poly models, with corresponding Diffuse/Specular/Normal and/or Alpha/Color Change maps.

- Created physics and collision volumes for each object, along with shaders using in-house tools.

- Rigged/Animated models as needed, and made sure they worked appropriately in-game.


Halo 3 : ODST – 3D Contract Artist (Bungie)                          

          Prop Modeler / Environment Artist               June 2008 – March 2009

    • -  Worked with the art director/ multiple level artists and designers/and the producer to make sure the task at hand was created appropriately, within the time given.

    - Created objects and architecture pieces within the given time constraints to the specified poly/texture budgets using custom textures and tiling textures.

    -Created physics and collision volumes for each object, along with shaders using in-house tools.

    -Fixed and Logged bugs, and helped setup AI hints on objects for the enemies to navigate from.


Recent Work



Valkyrie Entertainment – 3D Artist                           

          General 3D Artist               August 29th 2011 – September 30th 2011

Work includes:

  • -Work with a group of different 3D Artists creating environments for the new Star Wars Kinect game for the Xbox 360.

  • -Work consisted mainly of placing vegetation to populate the environments, as well as creating small props as needed. I also created terrain in 3DS Max using different methods, then used vertex paint modifiers to create blends for ground textures.