Belair Coupe 57' LowPoly

(Modeled, Lit, and Rendered in 3DS Max 2010 using Mental Ray, compositied in Photoshop CS4)


Download in 1080P


Download in 1080P


Download in 1080P



WireFrames -

- The Game Model and Render model Wireframes are the same, except for the visually dense pieces, and logos. This was done to help with Mental Ray rendering, to make details pop more.

- The Game Model uses normal mapped Alpha planes for the Logos, License Plate, and Grill Mesh to greatly reduce the vert count.

- The Game Model tires are Diffuse, Normal, Spec and Dirt mapped in the same way the GTA IV car tires are, to save on verts , while maintaining a more realistic look.

- Extra Edge loops were added to help with the realtime damage system that GTA IV is based on.


Game Model WireFrame


Render Wireframe(s)





Alternate Renders (turbosmoothed mesh, different shaders/lighting/HDR)



Quick Test in CryEngine 3 SDK



Model in GTA IV engine, running on the PC.

Download in 720P (WMV)

Download in 1080P (WMV)