Halo 3: ODST - Uplift Reserve Structures/Props (Various Buildings/Structures/Props I worked on)


- All structures above were modeled/unwrapped by me. They were unwrapped to fit existing tiling textures.


- I was asked to create this end section to attach to the exterior walls. It also was unwrapped to fix existing textures. I also created the cranes and used existing tiling textures.



- I created the trash bin in this shot, and took an existing building from Halo 3, and applied new shaders and modified the geo somewhat to create new buldings (red buildings) to be used as garages or restrooms.


- I created these benches, the map station, and the basis of the map and zebra decal textures (which were later refined by the 2D artists). The bench uses a 256 map, and the map station uses the bench texture and other existing tilers.